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Photobucket people on the net calls me lunna while people i truly know knows me as mariana dewi rachmawati. got into this world 17 years ago on february march 29. had spent a year abroad as an exchange student, now i'm back home in bontang, east borneo, indonesia. as a phlegmatic-sanguine, i get excited very easily but then i get bored after a while. i pretty much a happy-go-lucky person, but i can be a big dreamer sometimes. i love to be inspired and inspiring. i'm living life and loving it. x) i realized that my habit trying to please everybody won't work in REAL WORLD. yes i need to speak up for myself. -____-" anyways. you can find me on friendster and facebook.

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take the sat and toefl, preparing for the scholarship and university stuff. i really need to study and stop procrastinating! oh jeez! and i'm getting my Confirmation Sacrament in november. wheee! i'm so excited! x) get a job like teaching middle schoolers english sounds pretty cool. being a radio host would be awesome too, though. or maybe work in a clothing store. x) last but not least, i still do think that i need to lose some weight. LOL

dear santa
get the scholarship i wanted and graduate from high school with awesome grades are two of the most important things. and i wish to made my parents proud of me and stop bugging them for money. LOL i wanna have the opportunity to have a job and live around the world like an ambassador or something. being a freelance writer is also one of my deepest desire. i'd also like to learn languages and psychology. ahh. if only i could do tons of things at once! :] and yes i wish to be a 17-year-old for the rest of my life, that maybe edward cullen were real and turned me into a vampire. ROFL

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

well hi there.
i really have no idea why i'm writing this right now.
am just too bored and tired to answer all those stinkin toefl questions--even though i only did it for like 30 mins or so.
but well. i don't know! i just wanna bury myself alive right now!
for some odd reason i'm not in a very good mood tonight.
and i think my cholesterol has been raised up again cause i've always been so sleepy lately. *yes i DO have cholesterol. unhappy?*
the hospital people told me to exercise regularly and be on low fat diet, which i haven't done at all since like forever.
but instead of being on a right diet, i've been on a very unhealthy diet.
and if this is continued i'm gonna be gaining weight soon. oh jeez. :p
gotta fix this soon enough and stop that before it happening! lol
anyways. i went swimming this afternoon, but i guess it didn't effect anything. xp
argh. i'm so stressed out! for no certain reason.
i'm just feel like there's this really heavy thingy on both of my shoulders and i can't get it off.
and i sometimes feel lost cause i don't really have nobody to be around like i used to had before.
i miss my best friends. i really really do. :(

sometimes i wish not to come back here to bontang anymore.
if only things could go my way! urgh. *this is one problem that i haven't figured the reason out to be happening. yet. =\*
maybe i'll have a better opportunity if my mom just send me to an international school somewhere.. like i wish, but apparently no.
she wouldn't let me of course, like i had had guessed before.
it's too expensive and if you think about it.. it's only a year left before i graduate from high school. isn't that a kinda waste of money?
well. my mom knows best. *at least i'm trying to see the bright side of it and cheer myself up. lol*

ah. the school people finally told me that i HAVE TO do all the final test for last year.
which means that i'm gonna be studying for it.
i don't know when i'm gonna take those tests but well my sociology teacher that i've been talking about it with said that it might be better if i do it asap.
i agree with him, but then i'm thinking that maybe my hair's gonna be falling off soon and i'm gonna be bald just like my dad and larry. LOL kidding!! i hope not. it's not gonna be funny that i'm bald because of studying, shows how nerdy i am. ;p

mmmm. i've been trying to fast this week.
what i can tell you is i'm really no good in fasting! lol
water has always been my down fall cause i really can't stand the thirst.
and like what tharii said to me on the chat room, if we only count on the 'not eating' we're certainly not gonna make it.
and that's what i realized. since i'm a catholic then i feel like i don't gave responsibilities to fast through the day.
well i feel kinda bad about it, cause um. my sister and my dad are moslems and i was like all spirited and stuff about this whole fasting stuff and then i drink every time i got home from school.
sorry guys! it's not that i don't appreciate you or something.
but um. at least i can make it through the afternoon. lol
the thing is i'm gonna try and try again until i can make it. i promise.
cause when easter time comes i definitely will have to fast anyway.
sooooooooo. this would be a good practice to do it. :)

well i guess that's it for tonight.
i just wanna share some stuff with you that has been bugging my head.
i hope you guys have a good night.
bye bye bye! :D

& lunna signed off @ 10:03 PM