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Photobucket people on the net calls me lunna while people i truly know knows me as mariana dewi rachmawati. got into this world 17 years ago on february march 29. had spent a year abroad as an exchange student, now i'm back home in bontang, east borneo, indonesia. as a phlegmatic-sanguine, i get excited very easily but then i get bored after a while. i pretty much a happy-go-lucky person, but i can be a big dreamer sometimes. i love to be inspired and inspiring. i'm living life and loving it. x) i realized that my habit trying to please everybody won't work in REAL WORLD. yes i need to speak up for myself. -____-" anyways. you can find me on friendster and facebook.

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take the sat and toefl, preparing for the scholarship and university stuff. i really need to study and stop procrastinating! oh jeez! and i'm getting my Confirmation Sacrament in november. wheee! i'm so excited! x) get a job like teaching middle schoolers english sounds pretty cool. being a radio host would be awesome too, though. or maybe work in a clothing store. x) last but not least, i still do think that i need to lose some weight. LOL

dear santa
get the scholarship i wanted and graduate from high school with awesome grades are two of the most important things. and i wish to made my parents proud of me and stop bugging them for money. LOL i wanna have the opportunity to have a job and live around the world like an ambassador or something. being a freelance writer is also one of my deepest desire. i'd also like to learn languages and psychology. ahh. if only i could do tons of things at once! :] and yes i wish to be a 17-year-old for the rest of my life, that maybe edward cullen were real and turned me into a vampire. ROFL

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everything happens for a reason.
Monday, September 1, 2008

hi guys! :D how have you been doing?
as i told you i've been busied with school lately.
and as tumpengan was over, those school competitions was over as well! lol
guess what, guess what! WE WON THE 3RD PLACE FOR GERAK JALAN!
not bad at all, right? :)
and we're the only social class from all the winners, whose all science classes.
so when they told us to come up to the stage, all of our homeroom members came up and yelled "IPS! IPS!" over and oven again. some of people were also yelling supporting us.
i'm so proud to be a social class member. really i do. :)
even though we didn't win on tumpengan, well it really doesn't matter.
it's pretty amazing that our efforts on gerak jalan was valued. lol
sorry that i've been such a b***h guys, but hey! it's all worth it. :p

anyways. i'm taking the toefl test this 21.
and the sat on 4 of september. i'm soooo nervous!
please cross your fingers for me guys! >_<

ummmm. anyways. like the title, there's some things that makes me think about that quote lately.
i can't tell you what exactly it is cause it came from a conversation between me and bagas, but the thing is.. we may not realize it until we can sit down for a while and think about it. :)
like what i experienced while i was still in states.
there are LOTS of things happened that just made me broke down and cried.
i questioned what's the point of all those that happened, and well. um. i kinda blamed God for all the bad things.
i know i was wrong for blaming God, and i feel bad each time i think about it.
and after i think, think, and think about it, i realized that He just made me learned my lesson.
i really liked one of my friends when i was in states and i was sooo greatful that one person asked me to go to prom with him.
he was so kind and bla bla bla until after prom he started to made such a distance from me.
since i liked him, it bothered me so freakin much!
lately i found out that he was a jerk and all that crap. lol

we may feel very sad and angry when thing's not going the way we want it.
but always believe that everything happens for a reason. and things are always gonna be better in time. :)
so just keep moving and face this world! life's never gonna be too easy, and believe it or not, sometimes we need to be stressed out so we keep challenging ourselves.
our life would be soooooooooooooooooo boring without dramas.
don't take it too hard, but don't be too easy about it either.
keep it balance! =]

oh yeaa. i got this from zhenn. :)

rulesnya :

1. Anda harus memilih 5 orang blogger yang menurut penilaian Anda berhak mendapatkan award ini berdasarkan kreatifitas, desain, tulisan-tulisannya yang menarik, dan juga sumbangannya bagi komunitas blogger, tanpa dibatasi oleh bahasa yang mereka pergunakan pada blog-nya.
2. Cantumkan nama-nama blogger yang diberikan award ini beserta link ke blog mereka.
3. Penerima award harus mencantumkan nama dan link dari blogger yang memberikan award kepada mereka.
4. Tolong cantumkan juga link ke the "Arte Y Pico" blog sehingga dapat diketahui darimana asal mula award ini.

jadi ini dia para bloggers yang beruntung :)
1. julliet
2. avooo
3. sinchan
4. uthe

by the way..
hopefully you can get through this month well and um. diterima amal ibadahnya. lol

& lunna signed off @ 8:30 AM