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Photobucket people on the net calls me lunna while people i truly know knows me as mariana dewi rachmawati. got into this world 17 years ago on february march 29. had spent a year abroad as an exchange student, now i'm back home in bontang, east borneo, indonesia. as a phlegmatic-sanguine, i get excited very easily but then i get bored after a while. i pretty much a happy-go-lucky person, but i can be a big dreamer sometimes. i love to be inspired and inspiring. i'm living life and loving it. x) i realized that my habit trying to please everybody won't work in REAL WORLD. yes i need to speak up for myself. -____-" anyways. you can find me on friendster and facebook.

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take the sat and toefl, preparing for the scholarship and university stuff. i really need to study and stop procrastinating! oh jeez! and i'm getting my Confirmation Sacrament in november. wheee! i'm so excited! x) get a job like teaching middle schoolers english sounds pretty cool. being a radio host would be awesome too, though. or maybe work in a clothing store. x) last but not least, i still do think that i need to lose some weight. LOL

dear santa
get the scholarship i wanted and graduate from high school with awesome grades are two of the most important things. and i wish to made my parents proud of me and stop bugging them for money. LOL i wanna have the opportunity to have a job and live around the world like an ambassador or something. being a freelance writer is also one of my deepest desire. i'd also like to learn languages and psychology. ahh. if only i could do tons of things at once! :] and yes i wish to be a 17-year-old for the rest of my life, that maybe edward cullen were real and turned me into a vampire. ROFL

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bye bye sinchan!
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sooo. how are you guys doing? =]
i'm good, if somebody asks me back. *and apparently nobody does. lol*
i've been busied with some school competitions as i told you.
and um. that gerak jalan competition went really well.
and i can tell you guys this;
and even if we didn't win WE DID OUR BEST. x)
and i hope it's gonna be worth it.
some people may underestimate us, but hey, those pathetic people are just jealous of us. LOL
don't ever let them tear you down and take your soul. *this goes to everyone. =]*
go ROSO go ROSO go! *ROSO is an abbreviation of rolas ips loro which is 3 social 2 in javanese. xD*

and here's some pictures of us;

we were dressed up with some indonesian traditional clothes as you all can see.
and um. gatot kaca and srikandi *characters in indonesian legend fyi* were somewhere over there, as our mascot. :)
i was the girl with the pink shawl and piggy banks. hahah!

it was very hilarious on the x day last saturday.
we were late and it was raining. not pouring rain, but still raining!
well i guess it's better though than sunny. cause you really won't like bontang's sun. it's like the evilest nature thingy in the world!
but anyways. we started in vidatra elementary school and ended in the town square.
it was like.. 1 or 2 kilometres i can say. it's not that far though. =\
and we were both singing and yelling at each other all the entire way.
everybody was soooo tired preparing for it the entire week and we were not in a very good mood so it's very easy to get us mad.
and yes, one of us got really mad and he started cursing to us just because we didn't wanna sing.
we truly understand that he just wanted to show all people that we're good enough to win but cursing is not a solution.
some of us didn't sing because we didn't wanna lose our voice--our voice were kinda husky and besides there were no juries anywhere!
but that was a good thing that he didn't just loose control and started to ruin everything. =]

we performed our homeroom yel-yel *theme song* on all the performances.
our first one was boring i guess. we were late to come. we were not that ready. we were still in panic and we were like all over the place.
but it wasn't as horrible as our second show. lol
nobody thought that we would need to do that second performance, so we were just like.. oh gosh. awkward.
we were like shocked and kinda didn't know what to do.
especially evan our leader had to switch place with hanung cause apparently he lost his voice.
and we were just like some little chickens, all over the place looking for their mother. lol
but our final show was GREAT! all of the sudden we just got together and so cooperative. it was amazing.
we sang our yel-yel continued with indonesia tanah air beta that we didn't sing in any of our performances before.
i think everybody got very emotional listening to us singing and some women just started crying. it was very touching. x)~
and after that.. we were just sooooooooooooooooooooooo satisfied that gerak jalan competition was finally over!
i really can't wait for tumpengan. it's only 2 weeks from now, guys! woot woot!
oh yeah i'm really excited!
they say it has to be about sports, but we haven't thought about anything.
suggestions are highly appreciated. lol

oh, and there's this one interesting moment happened when we were practicing our yel-yel.
we were dancing and singing outside my friend's house and all of the sudden there's this one lady standing on our right side, smiling and looking at us.
it felt really awkward, but then when we're done she came up to us and said;
looking at you guys doing stuff like this, i feel like i just wanna turn back time to whenever i was your age

aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww. wasn't it sweet? :)
i mean i thought about what she said and i was like.. speechless.
sometimes i feel like it's really ironic.
before i'm 17 years old, i always wanna grow older. but now i finally got 17, i wanna stay young forever!
i agree with kenny chesney in one of his songs; don't blink.
in that one song he's trying to say that time runs really fast. it's just gonna go by if you're wasting it and not making the best of it. you can never turn it back, so carpe diem!
jeez. i feel so old talking like that tough! =p

anyways. sinchan, one of my besties just left the town this morning to jakarta. x(
it's kinda sad to have her leaving. but since i left her too last year, i guess this is a kinda payback. lol
and i still believe in her. cause even though we were apart for a year last time, we were still best friends and she didn't turn her back on me.
i love her to death. x)
here some pictures of us. as narcissists. lol

but don't worry sinchan, we'll meet again this november!
then we'll go all around jakarta in one day! lol
good luck in everything chan!
i'm sure you'll get what you want if you put your mind to it.
*that should be me. =p*
i love you no matter what though!
be strong, God bless you!

by the way, i'll see you guys later! =]

& lunna signed off @ 3:30 PM

school competitions
Saturday, August 9, 2008

hi guys! how have u been doing lately? x)
well. it's been a while since my last post eh?
i've been busied with school stuff and crappy things these days.
we have a gerak jalan competition coming up and also tumpengan.
those require a lot of money to tell you the truth.
but hey, we're seniors now! so we decided to give our best this year--as we're not gonna experience it anymore next year.
but hey, i've never really experienced tumpengan before. =\
so um. those competitions are held by our school, sma vidatra.
all the students gotta participate for their classes, from grade 10 to 12.
i wasn't here in town whenever i was a 10 grader and i wasn't here at all for the whole 11 grade. LOL
sooooo. i just realized that this is my first and last tumpengan! woohooo! xD
should i be excited? well. i'm already excited anyway.

anyways. i told you guys that i've been thinking of something lately.
to be honest, i really don't know. =\
well it's been a while since i thought about it that i completely forgot about it!
LOL yes, shoot me. =p so i'm sorry.
*i say that just like you've been waiting for me all this time. xp*

oh. we were practicing our gerak jalan technique last night.
we were horrible, but i'm sure we can work it out. let's go, peeps!! :D
what we need the most is trust and cooperation.
but yes, we do need more practice.
so don't give up! we still have 7 days left before the x day!
woot wooot!
and pleeeeeeeeeeeeease please please speak up if you're not feeling good on some kind of hard activity.
this one girl in my class had an asthma when we were walking and she's like having a seizure and it was awful!
i mean c'mon, what was she afraid of? it'll be more scary to have her on the bed lie dying than to speak up right? =\

anyways. well i guess that's it for now.
idk what else to tell you.
there's nothing fun coming up!
enggal was back in town for a while, but him and untung had already gone back to malang.
there's none of my senior here anymore and it bores me to death!
sinchan's gonna go to jakarta this 20 and uthe's not gonna come home until november.
oh jeez! i wish somebody would act the same way like the way she did before! =[
but life goes on. and i gotta keep moving on.
and i still have a lot of stuff to do and my act to put together. UGH!
same as jeremee, i'm not that excited to be a senior. -_________-"
but i'm waiting for the right time for something to be beautiful. LOL

& lunna signed off @ 7:55 AM